Optimal presentation:

groundbreaking netzwerk P display system thrills optician customers for NIKA Lenswear.

Klein, aber oho: der NIKA Lenswear Experience Tower. 

Clear design for efficient presentation

Minimal space requirements

High level of functionality

Optimal operation

  • Wanted: a display to present prescription glasses at opticians’ stores. Requirements: premium appearance, minimal space requirements, understated design, space for various test and demo modules.

  • Approach: identify the various consultation situations, spatial conditions and customer expectations. From this, we derived the key requirements for the system.

  • Design and construction: detailed coordination of design suggestions and types by means of realistic illustrations and animations.

  • Implementation: find the optimal partner for technical implementation and prototype creation from the comprehensive netzwerk P supplier pool, in accordance with economic factors.

A multifunctional display measuring just 60 × 60 cm! Which can be configured and used differently depending on the situation. For example, by using the rear panel for demo modules, a small monitor and poster frame. Presentation of lenses on removable, backlit holders. Sufficient space in the body for storing documents and other sales tools.

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