netzwerk P: Achieving success in transformations since 1999

netzwerk P in figures: over 120 specialists at 2 locations in Stuttgart and Berlin. This is a network of over 500 service providers throughout the world, covering both offline and online media.

netzwerk P has now gained almost 20 years of lasting success in a dynamic field.

At the beginning, there is the constant striving for professionalism in media production – consequently including continuous optimisation of all associated processes.

Today, we go a step further. And we look after not just the media to be produced, but also ensure that it reaches your goal: your customer. Thanks to sophisticated data analytics, we gain valuable insight and provide a new basis for success for strategies.

As a result, this conserves resources, identifies potential and develops competitive edges. This makes us a strategic partner for more and more companies and corporations in digital transformation. Perhaps for you soon, too?



Stuttgart & Berlin



Change needs direction

netzwerk P is a vibrant cooperation with a clear goal: to inspire change for our customers and ourselves and ensure a positive outcome. This is based on maximum professionalism and strong performance. As founder and owner of netzwerk P, we are committed to this in Berlin, in Stuttgart and with our customers throughout Germany and Europe. With all of our experience. And with enduring enthusiasm.

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