netzwerk P at the ITH

netzwerk P was a guest speaker for the second time at the Innovative Technologies for Retail (ITH) event hosted by the Innovative Retail Laboratory (IRL) and held in St. Wendel on 26 and 27 September 2019.

At the conference, which celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2019, the latest retail developments and trends from the fields of research and industry were showcased in the form of short presentations and keynote speeches.

We were able to present the realisation of our 2018 idea that makes analogue touchpoints quantifiable on the basis of the [nP]connect use cases for STIHL.

Our aim was to demonstrate that, even in this age in which (almost) everything is digital, online shopping still needs the offline side of things and that customers these days want a shopping experience right across all the channels. To achieve this, it is important to also gain customer insights at the analogue POS in order to make a comprehensive and optimum shopping experience possible and to make marketing measures quantifiable and then optimally manage them. Our customer managed this with [nP]connect sensor technology combined with KPI analysis using [nP]analytics. In conjunction with the analysis of other internal and external data, it is possible to optimally design and organise the analogue POS, link it to the online world and use measures in a targeted manner.

netzwerk P supports its customers here as a one-stop shop for solutions which are complemented by digital communication solutions such as [nP]pocket.

Our information sheet with all the details can be found here: 

Enjoy being inspired!

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