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Zeros and ones have revolutionised the world of marketing. But contrary to many forecasts, the world isn’t becoming all about pixels as a result. In fact, we are currently witnessing an analogue renaissance in spite of the digital euphoria that many marketers have become a slave to. Offline is absolutely back in fashion. More books are being bought than ever before, Airbnb publishes its own print magazine and even those working at Google, Facebook, etc. have notepads on their desks alongside their laptops.

After the resounding success of the award-winning Creatura roadshow THE POWER OF PRINT, the Creatura initiative is heading out on a tour of Germany once again in February and March 2019 with a new event format.

And netzwerk P is joining them with its expert presentation entitled ‘Enriched media | Emotions for your brands!’

Unter „Enriched Media“ verstehen wir die zielgruppengerechte Erweiterung von Kommunikationsmedien, analog sowie auch digital, um zusätzliche Sinneswahrnehmungen zu aktivieren.
The aim is to generate added value and to enhance the brand experience. Because media information can be turned into an impressive and emotive experience when multiple senses are combined in a targeted manner.

Be there and network with us in a personal talk about emotive print products.

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