Hardware, software, content – digital signage solutions from netzwerk P.

Targeted advice, needs-based selection of hardware and software, and the generation and maintenance of up-to-date digital content result in an efficient marketing and communications platform.

The [nP]vision digital signage concept for TruckStore allows both uniform and tailored content to be displayed at all six TruckStore locations in Germany while being managed centrally. And the system design means it can easily be expanded to include all the European locations.

A one-stop shop for analysis, consultation and concept development
Combination of software and hardware from various providers based on the needs
Centralised management and playback of up-to-date digital content

Comprehensive consultation and needs analysis

  • Manufacturer-independent selection of hardware and software components
  • Generation and updating of digital, animated content
  • Programming of an individual kiosk system for each location
  • Programming of an individual kiosk system for each location

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Digital real-time communication
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