Local retail intelligently digitised.

Digital extensions need to be easy to grasp and must offer the end user added value. 
We created a smart point-of-sale strategy called STIHL MS 500i InfoTicket.

The involvement of netzwerk P and our results-oriented collaboration based on partnership have brought us a major step closer to digitally transforming our marketing and sales data landscape. With netzwerk P, we have found a partner who can develop suitable and practical solutions for all matters relating to marketing and retail communications together with us – while always keeping scalable and promising solutions in mind.”
Andreas Epple, head of Marketing and Sales, STIHL
6585 - Notification

Send targeted information by means of push notifications

6595 - Holding Smartphone

Reach the customers on their smartphones

1450 - Download 2

No app installation necessary

Product launch supported digitally

Using [nP]pocket as a digital teaser, the introduction of a new product to the POS was digitally extended and supported. Prior to the product launch, push notifications were used to let the customers know when the product would be available, while the integrated retailer search could be used to see where the device could be tested in advance.

Roll-out in
1,000 stores


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