Making analogue touchpoints quantifiable.

Valid metrics can be recorded at the POS with the help of digital solutions, technical developments and consultation. Visualised reports (dashboards) help you make decisions regarding the optimisation of marketing measures at the point of sale.

With netzwerk P as our partner, we were able to digitise an entire shop for the first time. Using their smart solution [nP]connect, we can draw conclusions regarding customer behaviour and therefore also about the success of our in-store marketing activities and measures. Quantitative market research that never sleeps! This allowed us to lay the foundations for entirely novel retail marketing with which we can reach out to our customers in an even more targeted manner with personalised offers and information. I very much look forward to continuing to work with netzwerk P and to all their new ideas.”
Michael Endress, managing director, Endress Motorgeräte GmbH, and largest retailer of STIHL Germany

Interaction measurement and 
data collection

Preparation of data analyses
and reports

marketing measures

Implementation example for STIHL brand shop in Munich:

Our [nP]connect solution makes sensor-based data collection possible:
  • Heat map
  • Demographic data
  • Visitor counts
  • Product interaction
  • Tailored content playback
With [nP]analytics. the data collected from the various data sources is also processed, analysed and visualised to provide valid KPIs for effective, target-oriented marketing measures.
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We have implemented this use case with the following solution:

The data hub for efficient marketing strategies
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