Faster creation of data.

netzwerk P helps WÜRTH with catalogue production.

Thanks to automated production, a complete catalogue can be created within just a few days.

Individual script
Software developed by netzwerk P exports information from databases to the graphics program

How many pages? It doesn’t matter!
Whether it’s hundreds or thousands of pages, it’s just a difference of a few minutes thanks to automated page filling

Sources of error minimised
Secure allocation of content to the desired location

Enhanced offline medium: catalogue 2.0

  • The catalogue medium is part of a direct sales strategy. The challenge: how can the complex production of these thick catalogues be made more efficient and economical? Particularly in terms of the amount of time involved.

  • A script developed by netzwerk P puts printable PDFs provided by the customer in the right place in the InDesign document. This enables an InDesign document containing over 1,000 pages to be generated within less than an hour.

  • Thanks to the largely automated process, considerable time is saved and error rates are dramatically reduced, as the printable PDFs are allocated automatically based on their ID.

  • In the case of data fully provided by the customer, it is then possible to create and finalise an entire catalogue with practically any number of pages within just a few days.

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