Dialogue marketing

Specific targeting of individual customers is becoming increasingly important. Personalisation and customisation are therefore continuously gaining in significance.

At netzwerk P, we have extensive experience in communication measures organised centrally using decentralised address pools, of retailers for example. Advertising materials such as print mailings and emails are configured individually online using modules, then produced centrally and delivered.

Our full range of services in dialogue marketing include:

  • CRM consulting
  • Strategy development
  • Creation
  • IT solutions
  • Integrated offline and online dialogue concepts
  • Implementation of CRM measures
  • Emailing

Overview of our services


  • Process and project consultation
  • Online/offline consultation
  • Timeline
  • Statement of costs/budget planning


  • Address management
  • Interface management
  • Online/offline configuration tools
  • Component production/implementation
  • Digital implementation
  • Retailer support
  • Data privacy
  • Quality management


  • Evaluation of responses
  • Summary of mailing campaign
  • Outlook/consultation for further CRM campaigns

Configuration tools

Address management and qualification

The basis for a successful dialogue marketing strategy is professional address management and systematic address qualification. This is the only way for creative concepts and personalisation to reach their target – in this case, quite literally, the customer. We advise and help you with the implementation or enhancement of your address management. Or we will take care of this for you, on request.

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