Media technology

Modern communication is more complex and multifaceted than ever before. We offer a wide range of innovative media production types, with cutting-edge technology and in all combinations.

Including product photography, 3D and 360-degree photography, storyboards, videos, green screen, editing, sound design, graphic design, logo and icon development, CI implementation, traditional final artwork, copy editing, proofreading, post-production, look development, image editing, CGI, creative retouching and composing.

We advise and support you with all questions relating to advertising management, home pages and landing pages, apps, colour management systems, soft proofing, hard-copy colour proofing, MAM (media asset management), automated content generation, automated catalogue production or development of software and techniques such as augmented, mixed and virtual reality, as well as with the design and implementation of configuration tools, shop systems and multichannel communication.


Post-production | Look development | Image editing | Creative retouching | Composing

Our 2D artists develop looks for campaigns and implement the demand for perfect imagery through high-end post-production with creative image editing.


Augmented reality

Contemporary added value for analogue products: integration of augmented reality elements. AR is the bridge to the new media world. Augmented reality and virtual reality make fascinating brand and product experiences possible. We help you to unlock this potential.


Virtual reality | Mixed reality

Implemented professionally, VR opens up a world of creative possibilities and functions, including three-dimensional representation. As a further development, we work on mixed reality, combining real, physical reality with virtual reality.


Photography | Product photography |

3D and 360-degree photography

The right perspective every time, be it conventional photography in the studio or on location. Our areas of focus in high-end digital photography: content production, product and packaging photography, detail shots, campaign images, product presentations with/without models. Our services also include 3D and 360-degree studio photography of products, standing, lying, hanging, in the form of all-round presentation in third dimension as an animation or presentation for the Web.


CGI (computer-generated imagery)

3D image generation based on CAD data in combination with creative retouching, product visualisations, computer animations and imagery, as realistic as reality.


Final artwork

Final artwork of layouts, quick, reliable, accurate in accordance with corporate design specifications and macro and micro typography. Creation/adaptation of cutting die and creative adaptations for all channels.


Video productions | Storyboards

We plan video productions, create storyboards and shoot videos in the studio and on location for product and image films, 3D animations, explanatory videos, etc. In post-production, sound design and effects are optimised through editing. Interfaces to CGI, image editing, retouching and composing are extra services for film productions.


Foreign language final artwork

We implement country-specific characters and linguistic peculiarities in documents for all desired languages.

Copy editing

Copy editing

In addition to the formal and content review of all texts, channels and tasks, several areas of focus are taken into account: CI/CD check, stylistic editing, promotional editing, scientific editing, linguistic editing

Asset management

Asset management | Media-neutral data

No more data chaos! Through media-neutral data retention, each asset exists just once and duplicates are identified by means of pixel comparison. All media, regardless of the formats, are visible and keyworded, thus making them accessible via the search function. Access is managed by means of permissions and role management.



Our proofreading service includes the review of texts with regard to spelling, punctuation, syntax and grammar.

Ad Management

Advertising management

With tool-based media planning, automated advertisement generation and adaptation, approval processes and digital, global mailing, our advertising service covers everything.

Automated catalogue production

Automated catalogue production and automated content generation

Our media asset management service is the basis for automated content generation and catalogue production, thus ensuring the simultaneous display of content across all channels,

such as websites, shops, portals, etc.

Colour management

Colour management system | Soft proofing | Hard-copy colour proofing

Whatever colour space, edition and colour profile are required, our CMS (colour management system) provides the solution through certified soft proofing or hard-copy proofing.


& Apps

Implementation of websites and apps

Flexible, responsive Web design for home pages, landing pages, microsites, online shops and integration of systems, platforms, configuration tools and apps.



Multichannel communication

This involves the multiple use of approved content with direct transfer of InDesign data to Web configuration tools, portals, apps and mobile publications. By means of database systems (database solutions), central content is available across all channels for all media types.


Image editing | Image automation | Image management

Image data is checked automatically and loaded into the media asset management system. Populated via mass keywording, the assets are available to all those involved in the process via image management.



Graphic and visual implementation of concepts for all channels.

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