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[nP] analytics offers maximum data transparency and a 360-degree view of your customers.

Data-based target group identification

Merging of data sources


Targeted end customer communication

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KPI-based performance assessment

Cleansing and structuring

of various data sources

Marketing has changed considerably in recent years, with standardised mass communication being replaced by personalised customer communication and 1:1 dialogue. To make the right offers in the right channels at the right time, companies need to have a better understanding of their customers’ needs than ever before – and need to be able to respond in real time.

[nP] analytics is an intelligent one-stop solution that brings together and correlates data from all the different stages of the customer journey, identifies patterns and turns the data into valuable information. The evaluation of customer, market and product data from all kinds of online and offline sources provides a sound basis for making decisions for the development of accurate marketing strategies.

And netzwerk P's services go far beyond 360° data analysis: in our consultation work, we interpret the information gathered and translate data into concrete marketing measures and recommendations for action.

[nP] analytics makes the customer journey more transparent and your marketing more efficient:

  • Insights into interactions above and beyond touchpoints
  • More precise insights into buyer behaviour at the POS
  • Greater comparability of POS sites
  • An understanding of what motivates interested parties and buyers
  • New potential for online shop strategies (top sellers, cross- and upselling, etc.)
  • Quick evaluation of campaign performance

How does

advance our customers?

Like this, for example:

Content intelligent ausspielen

Durch den Einsatz eines umfassenden Lösungskonzeptes wird die Kommunikation von Mercedes-Benz Trucks mit Interessenten des neuen Actros intelligent aufgerüstet.

Interested? I look forward to your questions and interesting discussions about [nP] analytics!

Marc Kessler

+49 711 615544 581

Interested? I look forward to your questions and interesting discussions about [nP] analytics!

Marc Kessler

+49 711 615544 581

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