The powerful publishing platform

[nP] creator simplifies and accelerates the management, adaptation and production of your marketing materials.


Compliance with CI/CD specifications without graphics knowledge thanks to layout guidelines


All kinds of formats can be displayed


Maintain an overview of all our campaigns


A modular system that can be flexibly expanded

The campaigns that marketing departments manage are now more complex than ever before, featuring customised content for different markets, channels and devices coupled with ever shorter production times and tight budgets. Be it ad format adaptations or foreign language versions of flyers for local retail partners, these days it is almost impossible to produce marketing media efficiently without the support of intelligent software solutions. [nP] creator is a modern publishing tool that automates workflows and centrally manages templates, images and texts. It takes just a few clicks of the mouse to configure and render marketing materials – not only digital products such as online banners, e-papers and social media posts, but also physical items such as brochures, POS equipment, giveaways and stock goods. [nP] creator supports users with an intuitive user interface, flexible layouts and intelligent features such as a live preview, quality checks and approval processes. And netzwerk P delivers so much more than ‘merely’ a future-proof publishing platform – thanks to integrated reporting features, the figures regarding access to the generated advertising materials are tracked and analysed in real time.

[nP] creator makes your marketing more intelligent and more efficient:

  • Media-neutral data pool and centralised content management
  • Binding compliance with CI/CD specifications
  • Adaptation of content and formats without the need for specialist expertise
  • Maximum transparency regarding the performance of advertising materials
  • Easily incorporated into existing IT systems and logistics
  • Modular, scalable platform and transparent licence fee model

How does

advance our customers?

Like this, for example:

netzwerk P’s digital solutions allow brochures produced centrally to be adapted and rendered locally.

Wie netzwerk P Formatadaptionen digitalisiert​

How netzwerk P digitises format adaptations

netzwerk P’s digital solutions and products can now be used to automate elaborate ad format adaptations and make them customisable.

Interested? I look forward to your questions and interesting discussions about [nP] creator!

Patrick Tosolini

+49 711 615544 165

Interested? I look forward to your questions and interesting discussions about [nP] creator!

Patrick Tosolini

+49 711 615544 165

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