To ensure that the point of sale is optimally tailored to your customers’ needs, we use the latest data analytics including data collection, data analysis, data linking, consultation and optimisation concepts.

You benefit from a continuous, general improvement of promotional and communication measures at your point of sale.

POS displays

  • Consultation
  • Design
  • Development
  • Prototyping
  • Production
  • Global distribution

Digital POS

  • Use of the latest technologies for an all-encompassing experience
  • POS content on demand for up-to-date content at the POS at all times
  • Digital in-store experience

POS analysis

  • Measurability of Internet, mobile and social media applications in physical retail
  • Various analysis tools, from in-store tracking using sensors to motion and gesture detection

POS tracking

Understanding your customers’ needs is vital to ensure success. To make the relevant analogue touchpoints measurable in digital form, netzwerk P offers a modular concept for recording a wide range of customer data. Including demographic data, stay duration, motion patterns, visitor frequency, interactions, emotions, gestures, etc.

POS concept and development

Designing of shop solutions, simple secondary placements, holding products or self-promoting. We design, visualise and develop – based on the customer’s demands and preferences.


Prototyping and test implementation via virtual reality visualisation, in the form of renderings or with conventional product dummies. This enables you to learn in advance how your presentation is received at your point of sale and whether it is reaching the desired target groups.

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