Make complex processes simpler and clearer, and make the entire teamwork more efficient in marketing communication: our intelligent software solutions help with this and ensure genuine added value for customers.

Campaign planning

With a campaign planning solution, you can create a central tool to plan and assess your marketing activities. Predefined workflows and templates of your marketing tools make your daily activities easier. This gives you an overview of all marketing measures at all times, in detail and for each individual retailer or country.
  • Campaign planning
  • Budget planning (also in foreign currencies)
  • KPI evaluations
  • Approval workflows for budgets and measures

Media planning

Our online-based software for media planning enables the central recording and management of national and international media plans and budget monitoring.

Project status

Have you and all of your project participants got a complete overview of your project status at all times?

Our Web-based project status enables all relevant information to be provided to all project partners (e.g. creative agencies, marketing departments, logistics specialists) from project planning to delivery, thus keeping all project stakeholders on an equal footing throughout the project.
  • Scheduling for complex projects
  • Real-time scheduling overview for all project stakeholders
  • User roles to display only relevant information to participants
  • Detailed evaluations of your projects

Asset management

We offer a central media asset database to manage all of your assets (images, videos, open files, etc.) centrally. A user role system controls approval for certain areas or certain output formats. This allows you to control who is entitled to use which content. Automated output workflows provide you with the right file in the right format in a matter of seconds.

Content review

Approving the content of your marketing measures across all departments can sometimes be a challenge. With our solution, you can coordinate text, animations, audio and image content with multiple people, as well as comment on and approve the content. This works with automated workflows, a specified schedule and constantly updated documentation with all instructions.
  • Automated workflows with hierarchies
  • Various comment functions
  • Project status
  • Timing, incl. reminder
  • Automated comparison function between two versions
  • Documentation and evaluation

Configuration tools

With our configuration tools, we give you options to personalise your communication materials with text and images (e.g. logos) and then distribute them automatically across various output channels. For example, you can generate both an email newsletter and mobile page from a configured print mailing.
  • Predefined campaigns or templates for your markets or retailers
  • Live preview of changes
  • Personalisation of content such as prices, exchange of products or services, adaptation of images, in a scope specified by you
  • Integration to your user management, master database or product database (PIM)
  • Output of configuration in various channel types (print, newsletter, push notification, social media, etc.)
  • Extended statistics for your business to make the success of your campaigns measurable


netzwerk P is your partner for digital transformation and supports you with a wide range of solutions to develop your digital business model.
  • Analysis and consultation
  • Design and technical provision
  • Intelligent order and inventory management
Online participation queries for marketing measures – collection/grouping of batches for central production and delivery.
Benefits: unit costs are considerably reduced, stock keeping is no longer necessary – quality assurance.

Traditional online shop – products are stocked up and can be accessed by customers.
Benefits: products are quickly available, procurement in large quantities reduces unit costs compared to piece-to-piece production.

Online shop with personalisation option – products can be selected and personalised.
Benefits: assurance of standardised quality for sub-brands, no project costs compared to individual products.

Mobile solutions – we create mobile-optimised results to enable your customers and sales staff to place orders on any device at any time.

Media sending

Want to launch an international advertising campaign? Are you familiar with the specific technical requirements for your output file with each publishing company, and do you know whether the data was downloaded and activated?

With our media sending solution, we are connected with a global network of publishing companies and media companies. We understand the technical requirements and provide your data in accordance with specifications. Using a status display, you can check whether your data has been received and processed yet by the publishing company. At the touch of a button for your entire campaign!

Logistics management

With our logistics module, you have an overview of all the steps involved in sending your communication materials at all times, from ordering through to delivery. A wide range of questions are answered at a glance:
  • When was the delivery sent?
  • Where is the delivery right now?
  • When will this arrive?
  • Who took receipt of the goods?
  • What quantities are still available?

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