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Have you already looked into Wallet technology, but are unsure as to how you can make optimum use of this channel? netzwerk P can offer comprehensive assistance here!


Wallet – the central touchpoint.

The Wallet card is the key instrument for consolidating all your touchpoints. Make clever use of this technology as an interface for transferring your customers to your other channels. The major challenge here is having the right content in the right place at the right time.

We support and advise you with the planning and realisation, ensuring that your omnichannel campaign becomes a customer magnet with Wallet.

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Analysis and consultation – do you know what your customers want?

To exploit the marketing potential of Wallet cards, you first have to arouse the target group’s interest in using them. Only with exclusive content will there be enough incentive for them to download your cards – this then serving as the basis for impressive campaign performance. So offer your customers Wallet features with context-based added value such as location-based vouchers, real-time event information or personalised loyalty offers!

netzwerk P will develop the ideal customer added value with you, because something is only used if it is useful!


Omnichannel expertise – creating the optimum campaign.

Wallet campaigns aren’t stand-alone solutions – the aim is to intelligently connect analogue and digital marketing measures. For efficient use of your budget, always consider the customer journey as a whole: which channels do your customers use and where is there the highest rate of Wallet card conversion? With which messages can Wallet cards achieve the goals you set, thereby boosting revenue?

We will help you achieve the best possible placement of your campaign across all the marketing channels.

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Campaign creation – our experts are here for you!

To embed your Wallet cards in the minds – and on the smartphones – of your target group, you have to incorporate appropriate content into the relevant touchpoints. We serve as a one-stop shop for everything you need for your successful campaign roll-out: we plan channel-specific content and see to its production or adapt existing content, from the actual Wallet card and print/online ads to displays or videos and animation for digital signage screens.

netzwerk P brings together copywriters, graphic designers, illustrators, image editors and CGI specialists to create content according to your wishes and tailored to each channel.


All aboard – we create the network!

The successful implementation of omnichannel marketing with Wallet cards is dependent upon the people in all kinds of departments, from bricks-and-mortar retail staff and social media managers within online marketing to customer services, communicating with one another and synchronising their systems and experience. With Wallet cards in particular, omnichannel campaigns therefore make high demands of your internal workflows and in terms of team and management commitment. So get all the stakeholders involved in your omnichannel project as early as possible with the exceptional Wallet card!

We will advise you and your co-workers regarding collaboration in a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Tracking and analysis – making what’s good even better!

Omnichannel campaigns provide valuable user data from a variety of sources. Our smart tracking solution [nP]analytics collates this data and turns it into information for the KPI-based optimisation of your campaign: how well are the touchpoints employed performing and what sort of regional user spread do you have? How high are the bounce and response rates? This provides you with solid foundations for the targeted development of special-interest offers and of strategies for up- and cross-selling.

netzwerk P provides you with extensive data analysis for monitoring your success and for planning further measures.


How does

advance our customers?

Like this, for example:

Is your marketing as mobile as your customers?

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Interested? I will gladly support you in the conception and implementation of your wallet campaign!

Dan Geiger

+49 711 615544 540

Interested? I will gladly support you in the conception and implementation of your wallet campaign!

Dan Geiger

+49 711 615544 540

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