Advertising management

Advertising management on international markets requires professional coordination, proven project management and effective quality assurance. Schedules, publishing specifications and data generation processes need to be tailored to one another appropriately. At netzwerk P, we have a clever tool for this: our ‘MediaFlow’ becomes a central media plan and schematic for all partners involved in the process.

  • Networking of project managers, media agencies, marketing departments, technical operators and publishing companies
  • Integration with all publishing companies worldwide
  • All production-related specifications are up to date and accurate
  • Quality assurance, as ad and banner adaptations are based directly on the specifications of the publishing company
  • Approval workflow prior to sending of the data
  • Just-in-time delivery of approved data to publishing company
  • Real-time tracking of downloads and data transfers
  • Courier transmission of proofs and data no longer necessary
  • Absolute transparency across all systems/costs via tool-driven reporting
  • Can be used for banners, advertisements, films and radio ads

Format adaptation

As part of our advertising-management service, we are also happy to take care of creating format adaptations, throughout the world. Extremely profitable and reliable.


The online-based software enables the central recording and management of national and international media plans and budget monitoring.

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