Retail marketing

New times, new technologies, new perspectives for the development of successful retail marketing concepts. Our solutions for the analysis of digital and analogue customer touchpoints in retail help to continuously optimise marketing measures and put them to more specific use. In doing so, we gain important information which enables us to target customers with relevant and specific advertising messages.


Anything but boring: we find (and invent) promotional items for you which present your brand messages. And transform them into rich, sensory experiences. Appealing to touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. Our sole commitment in this is to your brand values. We therefore, of course, ensure compliance with stringent quality and sustainability standards and production conditions. Take a look in our showroom now.

Market and retailer support

On request, we can also act as the central point of contact for your retail organisation for all questions relating to the entire marketing procurement process. We ensure personalisation of the promotional and communication materials provided centrally, and enable significant savings through grouping of batches.

Logistics management

We ensure that the promotional media and items produced reach recipients all around the world. And we take care of all formalities, such as customs handling. We track the delivery of the goods online and are on hand as your point of contact for all questions about the delivery and supply.

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